DOGAL WINES – Venetian Hedonism

An exclusive toast with Luxurious and Top Quality Sparkling Wines

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DOGAL WINES – Venetian Hedonism

A precious toast to precious moments. Celebrate your love, your birthday, your anniversary or any other special moment of your life and make it unforgettable. Mark that special day with a luxurious gift.

Dogal is inspired by Venice, a unique city, crossroad of cultures and art for centuries. Dogal embodies the Venetian style and its hedonism, a spirit inclined to aesthetic and refined seduction of senses that pursuits pleasure, elegance and beauty. 
Dogal has created sublime wines into “Jewel Bottles” inspired by venetian palaces and precious fabrics: a tribute to venetian craft and artistry.

Declined into three distinctive editions: Opulence, Lux and Prestige, and a very special one “Venezia 421” dedicated to the 1600 years of Venice.

Vintage Rosé – Brut  – Metodo Classico Trento Doc – Champenoise
(Pinot Nero-Chardonnay)

Rare Grande Cuvée – Millesimato – Extra Dry
(Chardonnay-Sauvignon – Pinot Grigio-Glera)
Colours of bottle available: aquamarine, ivory, red

Unique Blend

Excellent wines for a 360-degree experience!


Metodo Classico Trento doc
Vintage Rosé-Brut

Created with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes cultivated in Trentino vineyards.
A fresh pink colour in the glass with aromas of small red fruits and hints of spice.

On the palate, the balanced freshness of Chardonnay blends with the complex fruitness of Pinot Noir , give this sparkling wine its qualities of drinkability and silky elegance. The skilful blending of different prized Reserve vintages creates perfect harmony between the typical complexity and acidity of Trento doc.

Suitable for the most diverse dishes.

Rare Grande Cuvée
Millesimato – Extra Dry

White skinned 4 grapes Blend

This skilful combination of four varieties of grapes produces a rare equilibrium of flavour and effervescence. Refined and persisten, accompanied by a pleasant straw colour with green streaks, this wine announces a prolonged pleasure of perfume and taste.

Dogal Grande Cuvée rewards you with a vast and rich olfactory experience, characterized by the perfume of medlar, nutmeg, golden apple, banana, papaya, yellow melon and white flowers and a hint of flint all fused in an elegant creaminess.

It suits perfectly for an aperitif but is a beautiful company for all occasions, from appetizers to seafood.


Rare Gran Rosé – Brut
Unique Blend

This wine comes from unusual combinations among diverse grape varieties to provide a plurality and breadth of essence and sensations. The wine is a carefully orchestrated dance between the silknesss of Merlot and the energetic Raboso grapes, which produces a decisive verve with a refined and enduring effervescence.

The sweet hint of wild strawberries, candy and raspberry and  cherries of the Merlot play with the perfume of the Alpine currant of the Raboso, which reveals its typical freshness and flavour. The dance of two wines and of the senses end up balanced with the fragrance of a rose.

This wine is amazing for its unusual capacity to be great protagonist with the most diverse dishes and moments of the day: an aperitif taken at sunset, or a sweet after dinner delight. Sublime with fresh shellfish.