SPECIAL OFFER: 10% discount if you book before December 31st 2019!

From: 190,00 Per Person

For the Venice Carnival 2020, the Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal will give 3 exceptional Masquerade Parties!

SPECIAL OFFER: 10% discount if you book before December 31st, 2019!

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Venice Carnival and its strange ability to make you feel in another dimension. Nobody will ask you who you are, but only who you would like to be.


  • Carnival Masquerade Party at the Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal;
  • Four-course dinner with drinks included only during dinner (wine and water)
  • Characters from the Commedia dell’Arte;
  • “Le Dogaresse di Venezia” baroque music quartet
  • Burlesque Show;
  • DJ SET from 10:30 pm

START: 7:30 pm
Saturday 15th February 2020 – PRICE: Euro 220,00 per person
Thursday 20th February 2020 – PRICE: Euro 190,00 per person
Saturday 22nd February 2020 – PRICE: Euro 220,00 per person

When arriving at the Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal, you will be welcomed by three characters from the Commedia dell’Arte. That great scoundrel of Arlecchino, the cunning Colombina, and the grumpy Pantalone will take you to your reserved table in the hotel foyer, where the dishes cooked by our chef Cosimo Gianpaolo will be served. For these evenings, he has formulated a very special set menu that will involve the senses of taste, smell and sight. But, you will have to pay attention to Arlecchino who, always hungry, will hang around the tables …

But how can we not pay a tribute to the most classic aspect of the Venice Carnival? So, here are the Dogaresse di Venezia that will perform some pieces of Baroque music. The all-female instrumental quartet will be elegantly dressed in eighteenth-century Venetian costumes.

And it doesn’t end here: between one course and another, there will be the funny breaks of the Burlesque girls, with their crazy, ironic and mocking style. Here are the three numbers that will be presented during the dinner and that will entertain you with elegance and jolliness:

  • VENICE CARNIVAL: The mystery will gradually make way to an explosion of joy: which mask of the Carnival is hidden behind the long cloak?
  • VESTIRELLO: a reverse striptease. A classic but ironic Burlesque show, with a surprise effect.
  • BEES AND FLOWERS: A Burlesque Baloon Dance where a mischievous bee buzzes and teases two little flowers, but … what goes around comes around!

From 22:30, the DJ set will provide you with a music selection that won’t give you a moment to catch a breath.




The dress code for these events is a period costume or an evening gown with a mask and a cloak
On request we can provide the “Carnival Domino”, an elegant cardboard bag containing:

  • a satin cloak with a hood, made in Italy;
  • a hand-decorated mask of the Venice Carnival, produced in Venice

Buying the “Carnival Domino” is a great way to have a suitable costume for our parties, to enjoy walking around the city disguised during the Carnival and, in addition, you will have a souvenir of your Venetian experience to take home.



All bookings made on the site are paid by credit card (Mastercard, Visa) through PayPal. Payment is immediate and can also be made by those who do not have a Paypal account.

CANCELLATIONS: The amount will be refunded if cancellation is notified:

  • before 1st February 2020, for the event of 15th February
  • before 5th February 2020, for the event of 20th February
  • before 7th February 2020, for the event of 22nd March

After this deadline, the payment will be non-refundable and non-transferable to other bookings.

In case of any cancellation, you must notify us by email to the following address:
The email date will count as the cancellation date.

We will also fully reimburse you, in case one of the events is cancelled.

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