Oysters and Champagne

A perfect combination to light up the atmosphere and create a magical moment for two!

From: 42,50 Per Person

For a romantic and chic evening, we propose a timeless classic, “Oysters and Champagne”.  Certainly a refined combination that will increase your energy, inspire your soul, ignite the desire and create the right atmosphere for an unforgettable evening for two.

One Bottle of Champagne and half a dozen Belon Oysters served in your room at the requested time.  A perfect combination to light up the atmosphere and create a magical moment for two!

The service “Oysters and Champagne” is available with a 2-days-advanced booking.

If you prefer, you can taste it at our Carlton Café or at La Cupola Restaurant. In summertime, on our wonderful roof terrace Top of the Carlton Sky Lounge, while admiring the sunset over the Grand Canal, some moments before the stars above you light up

Oysters and Champagne has always been considered an aphrodisiac binomial.

The myth of aphrodisiac foods dates back to antiquity, especially in the times of the Greeks and Romans, who believed that some foods and drinks had the power to ignite and increase the desire and the passion in the couple. In fact, the Greeks gave these drinks and foods the name of “aphrodisiacs”, in honor of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love and Beauty. The Ancients based their belief on form and color, which brought to mind particular images related to female or male physicality.

Nowadays science supports such ancient theories with the analysis of the nutritional elements contained in these foods that in addition to being benefits for the body and the mind, facilitate digestion, act as a stimulant for male hormones, help lovers relax and stimulate the sexual fantasy of the couple. 

Among the best European varieties of oysters are the French Belon, distinguishable by the shape of the round shell and the silver color and characterized by a very delicate taste and an accentuated fleshiness. 

Champagne does not require any introduction. With its elegant and soft taste, it is excellent as an aperitif or with preparations based on fish, shellfish and seafood.