EASTER LUNCH with a view on the Grand Canal!

Join us for a a lovely Easter Sunday Lunch with a View on the Grand Canal!

From: 105,00 Per Person

In fine weather, the beautiful terrace with a view is once again available! 
Join us for a a lovely Easter Sunday Lunch with a View! Great food, live music and the sweetest spring atmosphere!

A moment of joy for the most demanding palates!

  • EASTER LUNCH at the Top of the Carlton Sky Lounge & Restaurant   
  • Special Menu  (drinks included);
  • Live Music 

DATE: 9th April 2022
START: 12:30
DRESS CODE: smart casual
PRICE: Euro 105,00 per person, drinks included

We wish you a lovely Easter Sunday with a view!

In case of bad weather condition, the event will be held indoors at the Restaurant La Cupola


🥚 Traditional Menu 🥚  

Carlton’s aperitif and chef’s appetizer
Asparagus flan with fried quail egg on taleggio cheese fondue
Homemade delicate “ravioli” stuffed with ricotta cheese, with cherry fresh tomatoes and local artichokes 
Mango Sorbet in fragrant ginger
Baby rack of lamb in aromatic fresh herbs with potatoes and vegetables
Strawberry sorbet
La “Colomba”, the traditional Easter cake, with custard and wild berries sauce
Chef’s frivolities 

We are always attentive to different dietary needs and, on request, we can offer you interesting variations of menus for those who have specific intolerances or allergies.


Spring is in the air!

After the cold winter, Easter marks the beginning of the good season. Gems bloom on the trees, nature regains its colours and our mood improves together with the desire to celebrate.

In Italy, the perfect way to celebrate is by … eating. Each celebration has its own food and the Easter lunch is a gastronomic representation of the triumph of life and spring.

In addition to the traditional hard-boiled eggs, there are so many other delicacies in the Italian Easter menu. It usually includes lamb meat, egg pasta, and all the wonderful ingredients the season brings such as asparagus and artichokes.

The “Colomba”, the traditional dove-shaped focaccia, will make a delicious finish to the Easter Lunch. Our Chef’s “Colomba” will be accompanied by a hot dark chocolate sauce.

For this reason, if you want to celebrate Easter in Venice “coe gambe soto ala tola” – with your legs under the table – as we say here, book your table at the Top of the Carlton Sky Lounge & Restaurant. Our chef has prepared a mouth-watering menu for your Easter lunch in Venice!

Certainly, it will be a moment of joy for the most demanding palates.

  • Easter Laughter:

    Throughout the Middle Ages, the Easter festival was celebrated with jokes, laughter and lots of joy.  The April Fool is probably linked to this tradition.

  • Easter Lamb:

If one goes through the history of mankind, one can see that the practice of sacrificing a victim to the deity is present in all religious traditions. The lamb is the sacrificial animal par excellence.  It brings us back to the times when pastoralism was the most important activity for the survival of the human being. Hence, it is the emblem of the vitality of nature that rises from the winter. Certainly, the Jewish people were particularly sensitive to this symbolism. At a later time, this symbolism was handed down to Christianity in the form of the lamb of God (Christ).

  • Easter Dove:

The dove is a Christian symbol that represents the Holy Spirit. It is the sign of the resurrection of Christ and of peace on earth among men. However, before becoming one of the Easter gastronomy emblems,  it was first made in Pavia in 570, during the siege of Alboino, king of Langobards. A delegation of young girls, all dressed in white, went to meet the monarch and give him a cake made by a local pastry chef as a present. The appetite of Alboin was satiated and he decided to remove the siege against them. More uninspiringly, the creation of this dessert is relatively recent and it is mainly due to the need to keep in operation the same machinery used for the Christmas panettone even in another time of the year

  • Easter Egg:

Easter in Italy, as in many other countries, means Easter Eggs.
Since ancient times, the egg has had a big symbolic value. For the ancient Egyptians, the egg was the origin of everything. The tradition of the egg as a gift is already documented among the ancient Persians, where, in Spring they used to give chicken eggs as gifts.
In Italy, since the Middle Ages, the eggs that the hens produced during Lent were hard-boiled, so that they were not wasted. Eating an egg on Easter Sunday meant the end of Lent.
The first chocolate egg was served at the court of Louis XIV at the beginning of the eighteenth century. However, it was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the first hollow chocolate egg with a surprise inside was created by some Maître Chocolatiers from Turin.