Women for Freedom in Jazz

Our live music evenings: have a great time and help the world a little!

From: 35,00 Per Person


12 of the most beautiful female voices in jazz sing for the women of the world in need

6th edition of the concert and solidarity marathon, in support of the humanitarian organization Women for Freedom, a completely new edition, “springboard” for new artistic projects and unprecedented formations.

From 7 July to 8 September 2022, every Thursday from 20.30 to 22
At the Top of the Carlton

The concerts will be held  from 20.30 to 22.  Access to the concerts will be with dinner and reservations required, choosing from the specialties of the à la carte menu of the La Cupola Restaurant. or by taking advantage of the special offer dedicated only to this initiative: a dish of your choice from those of the day + side dish + dessert + water + a glass of wine + coffee for 35 euros.

In case of bad weather the concerts will be held at the La Cupola Restaurant, on the floor land of the Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal. 

In collaboration with Women for Freedom and Caligola Music.
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The one with “Women for Freedom in Jazz”, the Venetian summer marathon of concerts and solidarity in support of the humanitarian organization Women for Freedom, conceived and organized by Elena Ferrarese on the panoramic terrace of the Hotel Carlton on The Grand Canal in Venice, is now a consolidated and awaited appointment.

But the sixth edition will bring a breath of freshness, originality and novelty compared to previous years, starting with the collaboration with Caligola Music for the opening and closing concerts.

The leitmotif of this year, in fact, will be the “springboard”, intended as an opportunity for the leading artists of this edition, after a period of blocking music, to launch and bring out new projects or unpublished formations.

This is the case, for example, of the “world premiere” of the duo composed of the talented musicians Zoe Pia and Valeria Sturba who will inaugurate the sixth edition on 7 July. The other splendid voices, accompanied by equally talented musicians, will be those of Rita Bincoletto, Valentina Fin, Josmil Neri and Diletta Bibbò, Camilla Ferrari, Camilla Busetto, Chiara Pelloni, Silvia Defend, Sara Fattoretto. To close with Francesca Tandoi, the extraordinary Roman pianist and vocalist, Dutch by adoption, one of the most interesting young talents on the international jazz scene.

But “Trampolin” is also the name of the Women for Freedom initiative that will be supported this year: an emergency project in Bolivia that aims to revive girls who have been victims of trafficking and exploitation to put them back into the social fabric and allow them to live a worthy life, by means of new tools of socio-economic autonomy, starting with the renovation and adaptation of a building in the Munasim Kullakita Foundation complex where they will be hosted, outside the criminal circuits.

We start, therefore, on Thursday 7 July with the first ever release of the duo composed of Zoe Pia (on clarinet, launeddas, electronics, cowbells and pieces of artistic craftsmanship from Sardinia) and Valeria Sturba (who, with her large and colorful set , plucks strings, pushes buttons and turns knobs on the other), in collaboration with Caligola Music.
After the meeting in the Fire! CBA (Community Based Activity) Orchestra by Mats Gustafsson Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin, and two musicians have developed, for this occasion, what is one of the most characteristic and significant moments of the entire opera in ballet: a highly original Pas de deux.

Thursday 14 July Rita Bincoletto, accompanied by Diego Vio (guitar) and Max Trabucco (percussion), will present the new project “Duende”, released in June: with a deep, black and lively song typically “Duende” of Spain, crossing the islands of Magna Grecia, up to the gates of an enchanted city and destination of centuries-old exchanges and inspirations between East and West, is a musical journey that evokes the suggestion and mystery that have seen the Mediterranean Sea the scene of legendary encounters between the cultures that overlook it.

On Thursday 21 July, composer and vocalist Valentina Fin will bring the only Venetian stop of the European tour of her new research project “Going Inside” to the Carlton, with her close-knit trio completed by Luca Zennaro (guitar) and Marco Centasso ( double bass). In the repertoire, original music with texts inspired by poems from international literature, but also standards reinterpreted with refined creativity.
“Siguiendo el amor” is instead the theme of the concert on Thursday 28 July which features Josmil Neri, vocals, and Diletta Bibbò, classical guitar. Alma duo, born from the deep friendship that binds the two artists since childhood, proposes a journey from Spain to South America to discover those authors and songs capable of recreating warm and romantic atmospheres, with the refined sounds of Zenet and the original melodies of El Kanka, up to the characteristic themes of Spanish and South American folklore.

The month of August will be opened by the concert of Camilla Ferrari who, in duo with the guitarist Giacomo Maria Naccari (I Sinconauti), will involve the public with “Stories of Italian music”: ever new concert stories, mainly in acoustic, that move between swing and Italian pop, with an ironic and dragging tone, with a lineup that starts from the second post-war period and reaches the most transgressive 60s and 70s (Thursday 4 August).

On Thursday 11 August Camilla Busetto will introduce us to some original songs of her Tiny Trio, a drumless formation with great technical skills completed by Luca Dalla Gasperina on the piano and Federico Lincetto on the double bass, but will also transport us among the most famous ballads of Broadway and among the most loved jazz standards, reinterpreted.

Chiara Pelloni, who will perform on Thursday 18 August in a trio together with Francesco Zaccanti on double bass and Lorenzo Mazzocchetti on piano, is another proposal that makes us discover Caligola Music, publisher of the new musical project “Eve” by the Emilian singer and songwriter: a album on the border between pop and jazz, where ample space is dedicated to melodic development and arrangements, but also to improvisation.

On Thursday 25th August Silvia Defend will present herself with a new duo completed by guitarist Davide Palladin. They will present a repertoire that focuses on the decade 1929-1939, a period characterized by the Swing Era, but also by the musicals of Cole Porter and George Gershwin, without forgetting eclectic composers such as Fats Waller.

The artist Sara Fattoretto also fits into this renewed edition who, in a quartet (together with Paolo Vianello on the piano, Alberto Zuanon on the double bass and Stefano Cosi on the drums) will introduce the public to her work “Limpida”: a tale of stories of rebirth and change, where the real seasons become an opportunity to listen and discover the seasons of the heart, playing in balance between song and improvisation (Thursday 1 September).

The review will close on Thursday 8 September with a concert signed by Caligola Music, starring Francesca Tandoi, recognized by critics as one of the most interesting young talents on the international jazz scene. In duo with the talented double bass player Stefano Senni, through the interpretation of some jazz standards and the performance of original pieces, she will create an intimate atmosphere, centered on the dialogue between piano and double bass.

Women for Freedom in Jazz “is a music festival born in 2017 with the aim of supporting Women for Freedom, a humanitarian organization based in Bassano del Grappa that deals with helping women and their children with jazz and music from the world in the most disadvantaged conditions and countries through, for example, microcredit, job placement, cultural training.

Since 2017, the best voices of the Italian jazz scene have alternated on the terrace of the Hotel Carlton, who have embraced the project with their hearts, embraced with conviction by the owner of the hotel, Mrs Paola Cori.  Thanks to the concerts of the previous five years, a total of € 19,000 was donated by the Hotel Carlton to Women for Freedom. During the concerts, information material is distributed and we talk about the projects of the humanitarian organization and at the end of the exhibition we proceed with the donation.

“In this edition – comments Elena Ferrarese – we wanted to build a billboard in the name of renewal and rebirth, calling artists with new works to present or who are experimenting with new original formations. The challenge is to ensure that the public comes home with: an emotion for the unforgettable evening on this splendid terrace on the Grand Canal of the Carlton; a cultural enrichment, having the opportunity to learn about new and original artistic projects; new awareness and greater sensitivity towards the conditions of women in world through the Women for Freedom projects, and a stimulus to help improve them ».

“The” Trampolin “project – explains the founder of Women for Freedom, Davide Parise – fits perfectly with the intentions of our organization because it does not only deal with the recovery from criminal circuits and the first assistance to young women victims of trafficking and exploitation, but also to recreate their self-esteem and make them strong and independent (which is true freedom), making them resume, for example, the school path they had abandoned and helping them to fit into a working context and to be themselves resources and change in their society. It is a well-constructed project of international interest for the fight against human trafficking and prostitution; a model that can be replicated in other countries “.

For more information: http://www.womenforfreedom.org/en/



7  – Zoe Pia and Valeria Sturba, in collaboration with Caligola Music
14  – Rita Bincoletto (with Diego Vio, guitar, and Max Trabucco, percussion)
21  – Valentina Fin (with Luca Zennaro, guitar, and Marco Centasso, double bass).
28  – Josmil Neri, vocals, and Diletta Bibbò, classical guitar

4  – Camilla Ferrari Sinconauti (with Giacomo Maria Naccari, guitar)
11 –  Camilla Busetto (with Luca Dalla Gasperina, piano, and Federico Lincetto. Double bass)
18 –  Chiara Pelloni (with Francesco Zaccanti, double bass and Lorenzo Mazzocchetti, piano), in collaboration with
Caligola Music
25 –  Silvia Defend (with Davide Palladin, guitar)

1 – Sara Fattoretto (Paolo Vianello, piano, Alberto Zuanon, double bass, Stefano Cosi, drums)
8 – Francesca Tandoi (with Stefano Senni, double bass), in collaboration with Caligola Music